What is Fire Theater?

"Fire Theater" is a creative concept involving the integration of fire arts and story-telling. Addled Muse features original narratives written in-house that encompass theater and prop manipulation. Additionally, Addled Muse productions involve circus and aerial acts, original music, dazzling animations, and collaborations from local artists of varying mediums. Our goal is to integrate local artists and organizations into our productions, not only to cultivate creative collaboration within the artistic community, but also to involve the local community, wherever we may be.

If you are interested in collaborating with Addled Muse, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!


Alexandra Simpson 

Producer, Visionary Director, Performer

Alex has always had a drive to provide avenues for artists of all mediums to flourish. Since her early twenties, Alex has gained experience in coordinating events of all sizes to aid in cultivating the arts in her local community. Alex has also been in the performing arts since she was young. Involved in circus arts for over five years now, Alex utilizes her experience with her love of performance and creativity to  aid in the development of strong artistic communal bonds.

Kelley Carey

Visionary Director and Stage Manager

Kelley understands the art of producing a good performance both on and off the stage. She started out as a storyteller; gifted at bringing books to life through character acting and movement. She then transitioned to work as a stage manger for large productions. With her experience, Kelley combines her knowledge of theatrics and storytelling with the art of flow, and helped bring Addled Muse to life. 

Erica Wagner

Visionary Director and Aesthetics Coordinator

Drawing on her childhood experience with theater and her education in the arts, Erica has coordinated aesthetics for various production companies. As one half of a creative partnership, she and her husband work together to fuse all artistic elements into a harmonious piece. Erica utilizes different mediums including puppetry, stage design and digital drawings to bring the stage to life.

Adam Klesitz

Visionary Director and Musical Composer

Adam draws on his extensive talent as a self-taught musician to orchestrate the scores for each story. Working alongside his wife, his comprehensive knowledge of musical instruments, styles and theory create new and original sounds unique for each show.

Holly Hale

Event Support Coordinator

Based with our Atlanta team, Holly assists in event support, coordination, and staging. Originating as a fire performer, Holly honed her strengths in detail orientation and expertise in performance to help behind the stage with Addled Muse.

Chloe Saint Jean

Event Support Coordinator

Based in Durham, NC, Chloe has a passion for bringing event visions to life. From smaller intimate productions, to larger scale performances, her creativity combined with her knack for detail is what really gives her the advantage of coordinating a great event.